About this site

About this site

In one sentence – the Disclosure Diaries is a digestible free resource for level-headed people who just want to better understand WTF is happening in a structured and verifiable manner, without having to filter through a maelstrom of BS and personal conspiracy theories.

If I live up to my word – this page should be one of very few where my personal opinions dominate.

The weekly updates will stick to the latest facts and pertinent official developments. Personal opinions will be clearly marked as such, and will be largely avoided altogether.

If you just want to know WTF is going on with disclosure right now – here's a good place to start.

Who am I

My friends call me Mo. I'm a 27 year old with a completely unrelated day-job. I'm mostly tryna keep it that way, so that's about all of the personal info you're gonna get for now. (nice try, Fed).

I took an interest in UFOs around 2015/16, mainly browsing the r/UFOs subreddit every now and then to check out grainy videos of weird stuff for fun. I would peruse it casually every few weeks, until things slowly started to escalate towards the end of 2017.

Since then, I've followed the topic much more closely – paying particular attention to the efforts and statements made by credible officials and the institutions they represent. This culminated in shit officially hitting the fan, when 3 whistleblowers made their claims known to the broader public in July of 2023.

Besides that, the only important thing you need to know about me is I genuinely enjoy seeking the truth in an intellectually honest way. As my family & friends would attest – this sometimes leads me to take annoyingly contrarian positions on controversial topics...but ultimately they would (begrudgingly) admit I'm generally very comfortable updating my opinions based on verifiable facts as they're presented to me. I try to avoid getting emotionally invested in any position, and am happy to entertain any good-faith argument for pretty much anything.

I like to think most people are the same deep down, which is probably why you're here.

me irl

Why am I doing this

The night before I started writing this very paragraph, I was at a house party where a close friend pulled me aside, gathered a group of unwitting bystanders in a loose circle around me, cast a conspiratorial glance around the room before prodding me to "tell 'em what's going on with the aliens, I can't do it justice" (or words to that effect).

That was the 4th such instance in the past month, which triggered 2 realisations:

  1. The Overton Window* on discussing aliens is shifting rapidly.
    The conversations I've engaged in are no longer speculative discussions about the Fermi paradox or 'little green men', instead – they're centred around highly specific and (seemingly) incredible statements being made by highly vetted and credible people.
  2. There is a real and growing demand from 'serious people' for salient + digestible summaries of what is happening in the space.
    Ideally, these summaries should skip all of the personal conjectures about the nature of 'the Phenomenon', and stick purely to the facts of the matter.

With these realisations in mind – the purpose of the Disclosure Diaries is to track the further evolution of the Overton Window on the disclosure of Non-Human Intelligence, and satisfy the demand for up-to-date factual developments.

Heads up – there's a bunch of annoying jargon you're going to need to familiarise yourself with, so I'd recommend checking out the Definitions page to get up to speed.

What makes Disclosure Diaries different and why does it even matter?

We are potentially discussing the most important development in human history so far, bar none. That is – the notion that we (humanity) are not alone in the universe.

I don't think anyone's pet theory or personal grift is relevant to this conversation until we all have a clear handle on the facts of the matter. I'd like to do my part to get people up to speed – and unfortunately I'm just not available to attend every house party on the planet to deliver my spiel on demand.

In this endeavour, I will do my absolute best to minimise the fluff, the grifting, and the personal theorising. These tendencies are unfortunately rampant in this space, which is a shame as I believe it muddies the waters to the detriment of all intellectually honest truth seekers.

Many existing commentators in the space have undeniably done great work to investigate the topic and push the discourse forward, but based on my own experiences – I think there's an urgent need for a more objective information feed to get people informed. That's why I believe the Disclosure Diaries truly matters.

Where to go from here

The fact that you're reading this means you've probably been triggered by a recent news headline/tiktok/tweet/reel/late night conversation related to Disclosure (what is Disclosure?) that's got you wondering WTF is actually going on.

Let me be clear – I'm just as confused as anyone. I don't have any inside information of any sorts, nor do I have any concrete theories as to what is definitively going on. My opinion changes on a weekly basis, as new information comes out. In a time where new data seems to crop up every couple of weeks, and the general level of discourse keeps updating so rapidly before our eyes – I think it's reasonable (if not rational) to expect one's opinions on the topic to oscillate wildly.

What I do have, however, is a strong desire to seek the truth. Plus a 6 year head-start on trying to parse all of this. The latter is probably the only major difference between you and I, dear reader.

There's a lot to catch up on, which is why I've spent the last month putting together a few primers to get you started:

In the meantime, make sure you subscribe to stay up to date and receive the weekly updates in your inbox as soon as they're published. This is very much a live and ongoing topic with extremely significant revelations (either way) looming on the horizon.

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I don't believe Disclosure (whatever form it takes) should ever happen behind any sort of pay wall – so all my content will always be free, forever.

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Where I'm at right now

For full transparency – as of the 13th of August 2023 – I believe the most likely hypothesis is that the NHI phenomenon is real, and that NHI have interacted with humanity in some tangible way in the last 100 years.

I believe the aforementioned hypothesis to be only slightly more likely than my next-best hypothesis, which theorises that a large portion of the United States intelligence/ defence/military/political apparatus has collectively lost its mind and/or fallen prey to some sort of elaborate multi-decade PsyOp.

Perhaps Senator Marco Rubio said it best – “Either [the whistleblowers] are telling the truth and that’s something that obviously would be the biggest story in human history, or we have people in really important positions of government…who are crazy.”

I will update this section on a monthly basis, or as soon as any pertinent data emerges to sway my opinion definitively either way.