Why should I care?

This page is dedicated to answering the simple question – "why should I care about the UAP disclosure topic at all?".

In December of 2023, the original UAPDA amendment language was stripped down considerably by a conference committee. In light of this, the original sponsors of the bill – Sens. Chuck Schumer and Mike Rounds – held a scripted colloquy on the Senate floor. These are some notable quotes:

Sen. Schumer: The United States government has gathered a great deal of information about UAPs over many decades but has refused to share it with the American people. That is wrong and additionally breeds mistrust.

We have also been notified by multiple credible sources that information on UAPs has also been withheld from Congress, which if true is a violation of laws requiring full notification to the legislative branch – especially as it relates to the four congressional leaders, the defense committees, and the intelligence committee.

Sen. Rounds: [...]the most significant shortcomings that I think we need to visit about as well, shortcomings of the conference committee agreement that are now being voted on were the rejection, first of all, of a government-wide review board composed of expert citizens, presidentially appointed and Senate confirmed, to control the process of reviewing the records and recommending to the President what records should be released immediately or postponed, and a requirement as a transparency measure for the government to obtain any recovered UAP material or biological remains that may have been provided to private entities in the past and thereby hidden from Congress and the American people. We are lacking oversight opportunities, and we are not fulfilling our responsibilities.


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Senator Marco Rubio himself has summarised it quite well when discussing the explosive whistleblower claims he's heard, so I think that's a great place to start:


Congressman Matt Gaetz had quite the story to share during the July 26 UAP Hearing, when he introduced a previously unknown incident to the world. This statement ultimately led to the US Air Force submitting a formal report regarding this incident to AARO, the Pentagon's UAP office.


Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (one of the main sponsors of the UAP Disclosure Act) had the following to say, when pressed about why he introduced such startling legislative language:

"[...] Sunlight’s the greatest disinfectant. Lots of people say, “they're disclosing it because they know something that we don't know.” Well, let [the whistleblowers] disclose it and we'll all know the truth and we'll be better off with the truth."

I'm for the sunlight. And let's see what happens."

Reminder – when the UAP Disclosure Act was originally introduced, Chuck Schumer released this public statement along with it:

“For decades, many Americans have been fascinated by objects mysterious and unexplained and it’s long past time they get some answers.

The American public has a right to learn about technologies of unknown origins, non-human intelligence, and unexplainable phenomena. We are not only working to declassify what the government has previously learned about these phenomena but to create a pipeline for future research to be made public. I am honored to carry on the legacy of my mentor and dear friend, Harry Reid and fight for the transparency that the public has long demanded surround these unexplained phenomena.”