I personally believe the magnitude of Disclosure (in whatever form it takes) is so great, it would be ethically irresponsible to obfuscate any relevant information behind some sort of pay-wall. As such, all of the information presented is and always will be free.

However, if you'd like to support the ongoing efforts to maintain and scale this resource, all I ask of you is to consider signing up for the paid subscription plan ($2/month, link below). Alternatively you can make a one-time donation if you prefer.

I started this initiative out of a personal passion and desire for intellectual honesty on a topic of massive significance. My '100% free, verifiable and relevant, with 0% BS' pledge is something I refuse to compromise on, even as I'm building out a pipeline of more multi-media content (e.g. videos, podcasts, interviews etc...). Any support I receive in these efforts would be absolutely monumental, but also absolutely voluntary.

I don't have an agenda beyond simple transparency. I'm not an expert. I'm certainly not a guru.

I'm just a fairly level-headed guy – documenting Disclosure objectively – cause I think it's the right thing to do.

P.S. I've had some people inquire about merch...honestly it's just not something I would've thought of and it's really not a priority at the moment. Maybe check back in a couple of months.