Disclosure Diaries Update #12

A summary of notable Disclosure updates from Oct 30 - Nov 05, 2023.

Disclosure Diaries Update #12

This past week in Disclosure:

October 31st – AARO Director Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick Holds an Off-Camera Media Roundtable

Dr. Kirkpatrick held an off-camera roundtable to present the launch of a new secure reporting mechanism on the AARO (Pentagon UAP Office) website.

The reporting mechanism will enable "current or former U.S. government employees, service members, or contractors with direct knowledge of alleged U.S. government programs or activities related to UAP dating back to 1945 to contact AARO, to voluntarily submit a report. "

When questioned about Grusch's claims, and whether the two had spoken recently, Dr. Kirkpatrick said the following:

"So, the last time I believe I spoke with Mr. Grusch was when I was in the J2 at U.S. Space Command about five years ago, and it was not on this topic. Now, we have interviewed a whole range of people, over 30 people now. I think we've interviewed most of the people that he may have talked to, but we don't know that. And we have extended an invitation at least four or five times now for him to come in over the last eight months or so and has been declined."

NewsNation reached out to David Grusch to clarify his perspective, who stated: "I have zero emails or calls from them. That is a lie."

November 2nd – UAP spotted over Arctic Circle days before Chinese spy balloon

On February 1st – three days before a Chinese spy balloon appeared over the U.S. – an unidentified object was seen over the Arctic Circle, with fighter jets being sent to take the object down, sources told NewsNation.

The defense and intelligence sources said 8-9 UAPs were detected over the Arctic Circle, and fighter jets were sent up in an unsuccessful attempt to intercept them.

NORAD admitted it had aircraft flying in the area but that they were returning to home bases as part of a training operation.

November 3rd – Pentagon UFO chief Dr Sean Kirkpatrick will reportedly be replaced by the end of the year

According to sources that spoke to the DailyMail, a candidate 'short list' to replace Dr. Kirkpatrick at the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) has been interviewed.

'He's out at the end of the year — and that's a big deal,' Daniel Sheehan told the Dailymail.

November 4th – Rep. Luna affirms Members of Congress will be able to view Grusch's Inspector General report

Rep. Luna took to Twitter to confirm – "We received permission from Grusch to read his IG report. So, looks like it’s back to the SCIF."

November 5th – Pentagon UAP Spokesperson confirms a previously reported 'transmedium' UAP incident has been resolved & details will be shared with the public soon

“Previously reported transmedium object has been resolved and the case details are being prepared for public release in the near future.” - Sue Gough, DoD UAP Spokesperson.

Via Liberation Times.

Things to look out for in the near future:


  • According to Senator Gillibrand – a public hearing in line with AARO's latest report can be expected soon, saying –"I'll probably have another hearing aligned with that public report.”
  • On November 15th, the Hayden Center is hosting an event – UAP: The Search For Clarity – with AARO's lead Dr. Kirkpatrick as the main guest. The hosts have confirmed they will also be taking questions from the in-person/virtual audience. You can register for the event here.
  • Members of Congress will be discussing UAP-related matters in a SCIF with the Intelligence Community Inspector General on the 16th of November
  • The SOL Foundation is holding its first annual conference at Stanford University on November 17-19, 2023. Covering everything from the scientific study of UAP data to philosophical questions raised by it to related global security issues, the meeting brings together Avi Loeb, Charles McCullough, Cristopher Mellon, Garry Nolan, Jacques Vallée, and other leading academic and government voices on UAP.

Beyond / unknown

  • While the US Senate passed the NDAA for FY24 – which included the UAP Disclosure Act of 2023 as an amendment – the coming months will still require Senators and Members of Congress to reconcile the two chambers’ versions of the NDAA and produce a final compromise bill. Most commentators don't expect this to happen before December 2023.
  • Following the UAP hearing on the 26th of July, Members of Congress have called for a select committee with subpoena authority, to “go about the task of collecting information from the Pentagon and elsewhere” on unidentified flying objects. There have been conflicting messages from various Members of Congress on whether this is likely to happen anytime soon.
  • Reps. Moskowitz, Luna, and Burchett have repeatedly stated their intent to hold field hearings to overcome stonewalling from the Pentagon and military establishment

    "I think we [Congress] should try to get into one of these places [housing UAP evidence]...and if they won't let us in I think we should have a field hearing right outside the building...and the military will have to explain why that is." – Rep. Moskowitz (D)

    It is currently unknown when we might expect that to occur.
  • Several journalists have indicated that first-hand witnesses of the alleged UAP legacy programs are in the process of providing testimony/evidence to the relevant authorities (e.g. the IC IG) and/or are on the verge of making public statements in the near future (Example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4)

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