Disclosure Diaries Update #34

A summary of notable Disclosure updates from Apr 1-7 2024.

Disclosure Diaries Update #34

This past week in Disclosure:

Apr 2 – Popular Mechanics re-shines a light on Dr. J. Allen Hynek in the context of AARO's latest report

In an article published in Popular Mechanics, Dr. Hynek is profiled in the context of contemporary UAP investigative efforts. Note – Dr. Hynek was enlisted as an astronomical consultant by the USAF in the 1940-60s, advising on UFO investigations that were underway.

His experiences ultimately led him to 180 on his original perspective (i.e. he came to believe some UFO incidents could not be prosaically explained), and become disillusioned with the USG's approach to the topic writ large.

Apr 2 – Director James Fox indicates a 1st hand witness to UAP legacy programs will feature in his upcoming documentary

In a post on Twitter, James Fox (director of the Phenomenon, amongst others)...suggested that his upcoming documentary will feature a previously unknown whistleblower. This figure is allegedly willing to testify publicly under oath, provided that he can be assured adequate legal protections.

Apr 3 – Rep. Tim Burchett reaffirms additional UAP hearings are on the horizon

Speaking with Newsnation, Rep. Tim Burchett confirmed that additional hearings on the UAP subject will be held, saying:

We’re going to hopefully have some whistleblowers in there to blow the lid off some more stuff so get ready,

Apr 6 – Rep. Burchett calls attention to the worldwide UAP reporting requirements put out by the Joint Chiefs

Taking to Twitter, Rep. Tim Burchett calls attention to the fact that (since 2023, at least) the Joint Chiefs seem to have been taking the UAP topic quite seriously...as indicated by FOIA'd documents.

Things to look out for in the near future:


  • According to Senator Gillibrand – a public hearing in line with AARO's latest report can be expected soon, saying –"I'll probably have another hearing aligned with that public report.”

Beyond / unknown

  • Following the UAP hearing on the 26th of July, Members of Congress have called for a select committee with subpoena authority, to “go about the task of collecting information from the Pentagon and elsewhere” on unidentified flying objects. There have been conflicting messages from various Members of Congress on whether this is likely to happen anytime soon.

    Note – a select subcommittee was formally requested on March 13th.
  • Reps. Moskowitz, Luna, and Burchett have repeatedly stated their intent to hold field hearings to overcome stonewalling from the Pentagon and military establishment

    "I think we [Congress] should try to get into one of these places [housing UAP evidence]...and if they won't let us in I think we should have a field hearing right outside the building...and the military will have to explain why that is." – Rep. Moskowitz (D)

    It is currently unknown when exactly we might expect that to occur, however as of Jan 12 – Rep. Luna confirmed: "I feel confident that we have enough evidence to move forward with our first field hearing. @mattgaetz @JaredEMoskowitz @timburchett . We will be announcing details soon."
  • Several journalists have indicated that first-hand witnesses of the alleged UAP legacy programs are in the process of providing testimony/evidence to the relevant authorities (e.g. the IC IG) and/or are on the verge of making public statements in the near future (Example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4)
  • David Grusch has received additional clearances through DOPSR to discuss some of his (alleged) first-hand knowledge of Legacy programs. He has mentioned he may be covering more of this information in an upcoming Op-Ed
  • Some commentators have speculated that the architects of the UAPDA (e.g. Sens. Schumer/Rounds et al) are working diligently behind the scenes to continue furthering serious legislative UAP transparency efforts

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