Disclosure Diaries Update #14

A summary of notable Disclosure updates from Nov 13-19, 2023.

Disclosure Diaries Update #14

This past week in Disclosure:

November 14th – Jeremy Corbell & George Knapp release an image of a UAP that was allegedly fired upon by a UK fighter jet

According to Jeremy Corbell – "Despite initially being reported by mainstream media as a “hostile drone”, this vehicle of unknown origin has been officially designated by the United States, UK and allied intelligence agencies as a UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). This designation is currently maintained."

November 15th – Dr. Kirkpatrick attends "UAP: The Search for Clarity" event as the main guest

On November 15th, the Hayden Center hosted an event – UAP: The Search For Clarity – with AARO's lead Dr. Kirkpatrick as the main guest. He primarily reaffirmed the contents of AARO's latest annual report. Despite claiming he has found no credible evidence connecting UAP and extraterrestrial activity, he reiterated the importance of getting academia involved to start putting forth documented theories and hypothetical technical signatures that could be used as a reference for comparing to observed phenomena.

He also suggested the orbs that have been sighted around the world could be spherical drones, pointing to recent commercial activities related to such UAV's. It remains a mystery how this explanation could apply to sightings dating back decades, or incidents (as AARO reported) of such objects moving up to Mach 2.

Dr. Kirkpatrick also answered two questions (posed by yours truly):

  1. Q: Is there a distinction between the DoD's usage of the term 'extraterrestrial' and the UAPDA's 'Non-Human Intelligence'?

    A: "well if I remember correctly non-human intelligence was
    originally coined in the 1950s...uh on one of the historical documents that turned out to be fake...uh on a handbook I believe it was...um it has then cropped back up and it's in...you know it's in proposed legislation and we don't necessarily discuss proposed legislation because it's proposed legislation...um so I can't really tell you we if we need to adjust a definition later in life great I'm all for it." (Video Clip)
  2. Q: Can you clarify who the members of the Senior Technical Advisory Group are? (CONTEXT: as per Dr. Kirkpatrick's own admission, this group of individuals provide the final recommendation on all UAP incidents studied by AARO, and have been alleged to include gatekeepers of legacy UAP programs)

    A: "...they actually do work...they're the review board for.. there's a...the analytic framework consists of multiple layers of review and they're one of the layers of review...um we don't give out names and identities of anybody associated with this office other than me and a handful of of very specific people because of the fact that the harassment and the threats that are attendant to our ability to do this job...and I know we had the same problem with the NASA panel... um I'm not going to subject my team to that. I have some of the best professionals on the face of the planet working some of this...um but I'm not going to subject them or their families to that kind of harassment" (Video Clip)

November 16th – UAP-related briefing between Members of Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General (IC IG) has been delayed to December 7th

Members of the House of Representatives were scheduled to have a briefing on UAP-related matters on the 16th of November as a follow-up to a recent (similar) briefing hosted by the DoD Inspector General in late October.

Representatives were eager to dive into Grusch's allegations and had worked to ensure they would at least be provided access to David Grusch's whistleblower report (originally filed with the IC IG back in May 2022).

Voicing his concerns on this aspect, Rep. Burlison told Askapol – “I suspect—and I'm worried—that all we're getting is them explaining what was in the report, which is bullshit if that's what it's gonna be, and I'm not going to be happy with that. I want to see the actual report”.

Due to unrelated circumstances, this session has been postponed to the 7th of December for now.

November 17-19th – SOL Foundation inaugural annual conference on UAP

The SOL Foundation held its first annual conference at Stanford University on November 17-19, 2023. Covering everything from the scientific study of UAP data to philosophical questions raised by it to related global security issues, the meeting brought together Avi Loeb, Charles McCullough, Cristopher Mellon, Garry Nolan, Jacques Vallée, and other leading academic and government voices on UAP.

Perhaps most notably, retired Col. Karl Nell was also one of the guest speakers. Nell was one of the individuals who corroborated Grusch's UAP whistleblower claims in the original Debrief coverage. Several commentators have speculated Nell may also be in the running to serve as Dr. Kirkpatrick's successor to lead AARO.

While details of the event are scarce (as there was no live-stream), an image from Karl Nell's presentation was leaked on X. It covers Nell's view on a possible official Disclosure campaign trajectory. Click here for a reconstruction of that slide.

The organisers of the event have confirmed they will be releasing videos of the various talks over the course of the next few days/weeks.

Things to look out for in the near future:


  • According to Senator Gillibrand – a public hearing in line with AARO's latest report can be expected soon, saying –"I'll probably have another hearing aligned with that public report.”
  • Members of Congress were meant to discuss UAP-related matters in a SCIF with the Intelligence Community Inspector General on the 16th of November, however this session has been delayed until December 7th
  • While the US Senate passed the NDAA for FY24 – which included the UAP Disclosure Act of 2023 as an amendment – the coming weeks will still require Senators and Members of Congress to reconcile the two chambers’ versions of the NDAA and produce a final compromise bill. Most commentators expect this to happen before the end of December 2023.

Beyond / unknown

  • Following the UAP hearing on the 26th of July, Members of Congress have called for a select committee with subpoena authority, to “go about the task of collecting information from the Pentagon and elsewhere” on unidentified flying objects. There have been conflicting messages from various Members of Congress on whether this is likely to happen anytime soon.
  • Reps. Moskowitz, Luna, and Burchett have repeatedly stated their intent to hold field hearings to overcome stonewalling from the Pentagon and military establishment

    "I think we [Congress] should try to get into one of these places [housing UAP evidence]...and if they won't let us in I think we should have a field hearing right outside the building...and the military will have to explain why that is." – Rep. Moskowitz (D)

    It is currently unknown when we might expect that to occur.
  • Several journalists have indicated that first-hand witnesses of the alleged UAP legacy programs are in the process of providing testimony/evidence to the relevant authorities (e.g. the IC IG) and/or are on the verge of making public statements in the near future (Example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4)

Need a refresher on what's happened so far?

Want to dive deeper into the topic?

I recently started hosting longer-form conversations with relevant figures in the UAP disclosure space to go beyond the headlines and provide more context on the broader discourse. These conversations are available on YouTube and Spotify:

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